The project of Albania Bay Marina provides the construction of the first modern marina and real estate investments in Albanian coast. The project is placed in the city of Durres, the second city after Tirana, the capital of Albania. Durres is the biggest commercial port of south-west Balkans.

The city of Durres was founded since 627 BC antiquity by the Corinthians and Corcyrians (ancient Greeks), named as Epidamnus. In 229 BC, when the Romans conquered the city, became Dyrrhachium, name which was found on coins of the fifth century BC.

The ancient ruins of the Roman amphitheatre (229 BC).

Dyrrachium (Durres) was the landing place for Roman passengers crossing the Ionian Sea from Brundisium (Brindisi), which made it a fairly busy way station. Here commenced the Via Egnatia, the Roman military road to Thessalonica that connected Roman Illyria with Macedonia and Thrace. The city itself was part of Macedonia, more specifically Epirus Nova.

Durres has the biggest the ancient Roman amphitheatre in Balkans including the Roman walls and the mosaics which make Durres a potential tourist attraction for the visitors.

The city of Durres is just 32 km from Tirana the capital of Albania, 24 km from the international airport of Tirana and close to the ferry terminals of Durres the Albania Bay Marina can meet the market demands for marinas with high standards.

The ancient ruins of the Roman amphitheatre (229 BC).


Albania Bay Marina - Durrës

The project of Albania Bay Marina is positioned as a strategic choice for the future tourism development of the city in itself and the region in a global view.

The project creates a city within the city, ensuring the success of the investment. The demand of the investors for exclusive architectural choices and diversity of civil buildings, will guarantee a return on investment in a short time.


The project affects the city with its importance and becomes part of the city without losing its final objective, to become the most important investment in tourism and real estate cohesion point. Albania Bay Marina is located in the centre of the South in the Adriatic routes beyond the modern infrastructures; the residential are, the duty free service, the hotels, the casino and the facilities of marina service will make it a unique attraction.

The project is developed in over 356.992 square meters of sea surface and includes 186.047 square maters of land for real estate and commerce constructions and 170.945 square meters of marina.