Albania Bay Marina – Durres

The Albanian Bay Marina is a project to be implemented in Durres Bay, Albania.

It includes building of 745 berths marina and surrounded by an apartment block, hotels, casinos, and a yacht club.

The Albanian Bay Marina has a strategic advantage and can compete with the most exclusive marinas in the southern Adriatic, as it is located along the Southern Adriatic, Aegean, and Mediterranean routes.

Just 32 km from Tirana the capital of Albania, 24 km from the international airport of Tirana and close to the ferry terminals of Durres the Albania Bay Marina can meet the market demands for marinas with high standards.

The project creates a city within the city, ensuring the success of the investment. The demand of the investors for exclusive architectural choices and diversity of civil buildings, will guarantee a return on investment in a short time.

This Marina can be considered one of the most important investments in Albania as it is the first one of its kind in Albanian marine tourism.

The project is divided into 6 macro-areas.

Area A - Apartments Complex

  • 120,000 cm. Total of Building Development
  • 350 Apartments approx. 100 sqm.
  • 50 Luxury Apartments 250 sqm.

Area B - Shops & Commerce

  • 30,000 cm. Total of Building Development
  • 75 Shops approx. 110 sqm.
  • 15 Bars and Restaurants

Area C - Luxury hotels & Casino

  • 60,000 cm. Total of Building Development for Two 5 Stars Hotels
  • 40,000 cm. Total of Building development for Casino Hotel
  • 8 Wellness Centres, Fitness and Pools
  • 15 Restaurants and Lounge Bars
  • American-style Casino

Area D - Shopping centre

  • 210,000 cm. Total of Building Development
  • 15 Fast-food Restaurants and Bars
  • 20 Iperstores of 800 - 1200 sqm.
  • 8.500 sqm. of Supermarket
  • 2 Fitness Centres

Area E - Yacht club

  • Wellness and Fitness Centre
  • Restaurant and Lounge Bar
  • Exclusive Yacht Club
  • 2 Tennis Courts
  • Swimming Pool
  • Bridge Room

Area M - Marina & yacht services

  • 12.000 sqm. Yacht Maintenance Area
  • Superyacht Moorings loa up to 75m
  • Electricity Service up to 500Amps
  • Pre-paid Services System
  • Floating Pontoons
  • 745 Berths